photo by Becky Shink 8/4/08 Barack Obama speaks at the Lansing Center Monday, August 4. Photo Gallery
photo by Becky Shink 6/11/07 A worker sweeps up debris at Kamps, a pallet company on Shance Highway, as mulch piles still smolder Monday morning after a fire broke out Sunday evening.
photo by Becky Shink 7/4/07 Lansing's July 4 Parade makes it's way east on Allegan. Photo Gallery
photo by Becky Shink 7/4/07 Winona Potter, of Lansing, ties a scarf in her hair before the start Lansing's July 4 parade. Potter was marching with the Habibi Dancers. Photo Gallery
photo by Becky Shink 4/4/07 Luphilia Higginbotham, 91, (she will be 92 on April 15), when she was in her 20's.
photo by Becky Shink 9/13/07 Shoua Vang, from Crane Centennial Farms, makes bouquets at the 17th annual Michigan Harvest Gathering at the State Capitol. The gathering helps to supply the state's regional food banks with donations of money and food. Photo Gallery
- -photo by becky shink 8/21/06 Chico Morales, 2, eats a tortilla while at Guadalupe Saucedo's house. Guadalupe watches Chico and Anhai Ramirez, left, five months. The Saucedos are from San Juan, Texas, and have been coming to Buurma Farms for eight years.
- -photo by becky shink 6-29-06 Assistant coach Ryan Fountain, left, teaches Lynnea Jackson proper body posture and hand position before she bats during a game. Fountain, who is helping coach the all girl's team for the first time this year, said the biggest thing he's learned from coaching the girls is patience. Published Date: 1/1/2007, Page: 2A
- -photo by becky shink 6/16/06 Ionia's Molly O'Mara consoles Renae Tubergen in the last moments of Division 2 semifinals against Monroe Jefferson.
- -photo by becky shink 6/15/06 Willie William, 55, moved to Idlewild when he was thirty-six, some nineteen years ago. He rides his bike almost everywhere around town.
- -photo by becky shink 10/06/06 Two fans are silhouetted against a full moon during the game between Holt High School and Jackson High School in Jackson Friday night.
Walter Pulliam talks about his only child, Mary Pulliam, 14, of Leslie, after she nearly died from being beaten while on her way to high school.
Kaleb Benjamin, 9, of Dimondale, fishes under the bridge with his brother Josh, 12, Thursday. The two just started fishing a couple of months ago, catching and releasing. The most surprising thing Kaleb has caught so far is a shoe.
A bicyclist takes a drink of water while passing under the I-496 overpass near Cedar Street in Lansing on the river trail Thursday afternoon.
Sheltered underneath an umbrella, a man walks down the sidewalk away from the Capitol.
Tanesha Bell, left, holds on to her grandmother's, Dortha J. Valley, hand as Dortha and Mickie Baker, right, console each other after a house fire at 304 West Thomas Street in Lanisng Thursday. Corey Blocker Jr., 8, and Tyreek Washington, 4, died the fire. Valley is the boys' aunt, and Baker is their grandmother.
Halie Jean, left, 9, and her brother Anthony, 6, eat ice cream while taking a break from running through the sprinkler Friday afternoon. Their cousin Sally, who babysits the two, bought them ice cream from the ice cream truck passing through the Lansing neighborhood.
Showgoers inspect the new Audi A4 Avant at the North American International Auto Show Tuesday afternoon in Detroit. The A4 Avant will be on sale in March.
Cub Scout Brian Klebba, 9, of Holt, with Wolf Pack 240, raises his hands and face to the sky while the Grand Ledge Fire Department douses the children at the Cub Scout Day Camp with a hose from the top of a fire engine Thursday at Fitzgerald Park. During the four day camp, scouts practiced archery, woodworking, crafts, heard stories and shot bb guns.
Grand Ledge High School senior Corie Kellog, right, makes her way past Milan Susnjar, left, and Tara Tien, center, to the front of the limo the group rented to go to prom Friday night.
Kamilah Kikelomo sits with the women and children while listening to the speaker at 1:30 prayer on Friday.
Patty Thiele show off her scar, with 24 staples. The bandage on the right is where a drainage tube to take the fluids out of her stomach was.
A kitten cries at the Ingham County Animal Control Shelter. The shelter is over capacity, at 242 animals, including 130 cats and kittens.
Competitors in the Pony of The Americas International Show warm up in the ring outside the Michigan State University Thursday afternoon.
A Delta Township firefighter walks through the smoke-filled air at the Verndale Apartments. The fire destroyed 12 apartments and left 25 people homeless.
Micah Magnusson, center, 20, of Haslett, works with his therapists, from left, physical therapist Alice Maxson, occupational therapist Laurie Armelagos, and his nurse Lynsee Phillips. Magnusson suffered a brain bleed and went into a coma on May 29, 2007 until October 2007. He can now swallow soft foods and is fighting to regain the use of his legs and arms.
Fatuma Mberwa, left, 2, and Fato Ramazani, 2, stand with their family outside the Islamic Center of East Lansing during a celebration of Eid ul-Fitr, a Muslim holiday marking the end of Ramadan.
A giant flag is raised betweed two firetrucks for the City of Lansing 5th Annual 9/11 Memorial service.
Theresa Evans, center, talks with her children Olivia, left, second-grade, and Daniel, 4, before they parade around Gier Park Elementary School.
Ella Hartman's son, Alva Hartman, 87, laughs with piano player Molly Bacon, left, during Ella's 106th birthday party. Bacon used to sub in Alva's band, the Music Makers.